Upbeat MEMS
Ultra low power MEMS Bone Conducted Microphone (MEMS BCM)
Noise reduction demo
UPM01 is an ultra low power MEMS Bone Conducted Microphone (MEMS BCM) designed by Upbeat Technology. This advanced microphone is optimized for use in applications that require high-quality sound capture with minimal power consumption. 

Unlike traditional microphones that capture sound through the air, the UPM01 uses bone conduction technology to pick up sound directly from the user's skull, enabling clearer and more accurate voice capture even in noisy environments. This innovative technology allows for crystal-clear sound quality and noise reduction, making it an idealchoice for voice recognition, communication devices, and voice controlapplications. 

UPM01 extends the frequency response of traditional MEMS BCMs from 1kHz to 4kHz, which enables higher-quality sound capture across a wider range of frequencies. With its ultra-low power consumption, the UPM01 can operate for extended periods of time on a single battery charge, making it an ideal choice for portable and battery-powered devices. 

UPM01 also features a compact and robust design, making it easy to integrate into a wide range of products. It is compatible with most digital signal processing (DSP) architectures, enabling developers to easily implement voice capture and processing capabilities. 

Overall, the UPM01 is a high-performance MEMS BCM that offers exceptional sound quality, ultra-low power consumption,and a compact, robust design. Its advanced features and bone conduction technology make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications where high-quality voice capture is essential.
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